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  • Error The tag ' amp-auto-ads ' requires including The ' AMP-auto-ads ' extension of The Java Script is caused by the absence of the Java Crypt amp-auto-ads Extension code in the code combination of the Template HTML. Therefore, it takes the installation action of the extension so that Google AdSense ad banner type, in particular, does not cause an invalid AMP blog page. Or it can also be caused by such errors due to the location of the less precise Java script amp-auto-ads extension code.

    Add the following Java cript amp-auto-ads extention code:

      <script async='async' custom-element='amp-auto-ads' src='https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0/amp-auto-ads-0.1.js'>

    In other Java cript amp Extension Code collection area as shown in the following figure:

    Put the code in the order of the top area, can be at the top, the sequence number to 2 or to 3 do not place the code in the bottom order area because it could cause error requires including the AMP auto ads due to improper installation.

    After you copy and add the code in the exact area as the admin explained above, to apply it click Save theme then try to access your blog page, if the installation is correct it is certain that the error will not Reappear and your blog page full valid amp.

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