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  • One way to increase visitor visitors a blog is to implement a user targeting method based on the destination country. Although Google has automatically implemented user search results based on the use of the language used in the content of a blog this way also needs to be applied. Hopefully for maximum visitor targeting based on nice and blog content contents. For example, your Blog uses the Indonesian language hence the targeting of users by country is Indonesia. This way the Google Searching Engine will make it easier to determine the actual blog and its content to the users of that country?

    Then how to target visitor by country of origin to increase the SEO of a Blog?

    If you want to apply this method please copy-paste this following code:

       <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='id' rel='alternate'/>

    Put the code above below the < head code > or above the code < HEAD >. Note The Code ID is   which is the code representing the blog content language and the target country. For example your blog is targeted to Malaysian country visitor then its writing my results like the following:

      <link expr:href='data:blog.url' hreflang='my' rel='alternate'/>

    To find out the country's abbreviation code, you can visit the following World state code provider's website: KodeSingkatan.Com

    The second step after you define the Target language and country in the HTML Template code, the next step is to set the targeting setting on the Google Webmaster Tool.

    Sign in to the older version of Google Webmaster Tool and select your blog's Domain property

    On The menu display Google Webmaster Tools on the left side select then search traffic then select the International targeting sub-menu.

    On the country Tab of cross-search international targeting, check the destination user list in and select your targeting destination country

    You will receive notification notifications below the target country for your blog to be modified on the Message menu Google Search Console and messages by Email.

    By implementing Visitor country targeting method is our site still able to be visited globally?

    The answer is that it can still be buddy bloggers, this method is just to guide Google Search Console to make it easier to display sites in the user's search results in a country. It would be better if the content of your blog uses English because as we know English is the language of a single or international universal language so without any targeting your blog can be global and No less important the Global AdSense ad CPC is greater than the local Indonesian.

    To increase blog visitors through visitor or user targeting based on country of origin is worth trying, in addition to further focusing the target of blog content readers can also facilitate Google searching engine in determining the target results User search by country.

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