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  • Having a Blog and being part of the Google AdSense advertising Publisher is a pride for bloggers in general. Where from long until now many novice bloggers sprung up who competed to make registering his beloved blog into a part of Google AdSense Publisher. The average purpose they make a blog is similar in addition to channeling Hoby, filling free time, and the main one is earning from managing the Blog.

    As we know to be a part of Google AdSense Advertising Publishers It is difficult, yes... Very difficult for beginners, and it is easy for those who are already experienced in poor transverse in the world of bloggers. As a natural Admin himself became a blogger from the year 2014 and New in the year 2018 Admin know the key to the successful acceptance of the blog into an AdSense ad publisher. All need a long process, not as easy as a tutorial that mushed on Google because we have to know the important points on how to quickly and definitively blog accepted into a Google AdSense advertising publisher.

    In addition to the difficulty of being accepted into a Google AdSense advertising publisher, it turns out that there is a more serious issue behind receiving a blog into a part of AdSense advertising publishers. One of the most terrifying scourge is the Google AdSense account due to infalid traffic and Klick. Just imagine to sign up and Google AdSense approved it hard when we've received taxable Banned certainly it would be very painful.

    One offense committed by a blog owner that is strictly forbidden by Google is to click on his own ad whether it is intentional or accidental. Therefore Google has provided the acount protection extension for the blog owner of the Google AdSense ad Publisher that is Add-On Google Publisher Toolbar . With this extension in the blog owner's browser, it can   accidentally minimize the error of the ad itself. Because the Google AdSense ad overlay will have a layer of protection, so the ads that appear have anti-klick protection because they are coated with a green layer overlay that prevents the Klick accidentally when the blog owner wants to see the page view Home or her own blog post.

    It turns out that after installing the Google Publisher Toolbar extension, and setting up login settings for AdSense and acount Google Analytics is not forever running smoothly. Sometimes these extensions are inactive on their own, most likely because of the many extensions already installed or the busyness of the Google servers themselves. Here's a Screenshot of the problematic Google Publisher Toolbar extension that is inactive with the alert notification Popup The Google Publisher toolbar initialization has not been done yet. Try again in a few seconds.

    If the extension conditions are being inactive as in the Screenshot above, then you need to be careful when accessing the blog. Because in this case, the ad protection is not running that opens up a great opportunity to click on an accidental ad.

    Therefore, the Admin recommends before we do klick our blog link, please first check the extension's activation by way of the extension icon that is in the upper right corner of the line Address bar. If the position is inactive then we need to activate it first.

    To reactivate it, please go to the Settings menu   Browser extension management of shale ti looks at the following screenshots:

    After you click on the extension, you will see a list of extensions installed in your browser, search for the Google Publsiher Toolbar extension.

    Visible extension conditions But in fact the functionality of the extension is not running.

    We just need to restart the extension to enable it to work again. Click on the admin section to give the red box a sign to deactivate it.

    Restart/reboot by way of re-clicking on the admin section to tick the red box that we had turned off shifting to the left and now shifting to the right

    Do test if the extension is working properly again by clicking on the Google Publisher Toolbar icon, if it is active then it will look like this.

    Now that we've secured access to our own blog page, because the filture of AD protection already works, take a look at the image below appears Google Adsense ad coated overlay/ad klick protection in green color.

    So Tutorial how to reactivate Google Publisher Toolbar Extension, hopefully this tutorial is useful, thank you for listening from start to finish and see you in the next Tutorial.

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