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  • In this tutorial Admin will explain how to verify Bank account for your users or customers of Bank BRI to receive payment Google AdSense in the future earnings payments Klick AdSense ads already meet the payment threshold. Google AdSense itself when we specify the method of payment through a bank account will be to transfer a number of test funds to the account that we use to receive the payout of Google AdSense advertising. Funds or deposits from Google as a test   can only be seen by printing a bank statement.

    Because the previous Admin itself has tried to do Chek through the Mobile Banking mutation Info is unsuccessful, and can only be seen through a bank statement, such as the following Admin's newspaper account:

    The Transfer Test fund is received 1-3 working days, the Admin himself has to print a newspaper account on the 4th day after determining and confirm the bank account to receive the payment. In the Credit field, you will be shown the number of Google AdSense trial deposits with the description of transaction description GOOGLE ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD-CITIBANK-GGI deposit amount 748.00 K in the credit column.

    After you have already printed the account Korang, please log in to your Google AdSense Account, then you will be immediately greeted with a notification that you have not completed the verification process for a bank account...... xxxx VERIFY NOW.

    Klick VERIFY NOW, it will appear a new window deposit verification from Google,

    Please select amount of deposit in accordance with the stated on the bank statement.

    Make sure the amount is exactly the same as the one on the bank statement, because you have only 3 times the verification trial.

    Klick VERIFY If the charge is convinced of the nominal fitting and will appear notification of your Bank Account notice already differentiated Klick OKE to continue.

    Here we have successfully verified the payment account, meaning that when the Google AdSense ad revenue balance has fulfilled the minimum payment threshold, the account can already use to receive payments.

    To verify your payment bank account Google AdSense first have to print a bank statement to see the large deposit of test funds from Google and not be seen through the mobile banking application or through BRI Link.

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