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  • Precisely on the July 17, 2019 at 17:57 without Diduga-duga Amin get a friendly Email Chat from the Google AdSense Team whose contents tell me that it takes a Google AdSense Account ownership Identity verification action to receive Payments from Google AdSense.

    It has been quite a long time Admin has a Google AdSense Account that until now Alhamdulillah is still active and safer more or less already running about half a year more. Although the revenue from Google AdSense ads per day is very small only a few thousand rupiahs, even sometimes hundreds of rupiah.

    Nevertheless does not make the Admin discouraged and discouraged, because the motivation of Admin to be a blogger is not to look for rupiah only but as a means of channeling Hoby write and share science.

    Because on that night the Admin is busy a lot of unresolved work, for the purpose of PIN verification deliberately Admin snooze, otherwise if it is done in haste Admin himself honestly afraid if the wrong step. So waiting for the right time and Santi to verify the identity of your AdSense Account.

    Then in the morning the Admin get free time during busy serving customers. According to the Admin instructions open the Settings link to initiate a verification action for the account identity. Apparently the link does not point to the Google AdSense Account except for the Google accounts payment and subscription settings  .

    First time a little Biung, Karna obvious on the menu is no identity verification menu in question, but still there are benefits at least on the menu listed the name of the owner, address and contact mobile phone that must be ensured the truth and The identity card to be used for verification (File Upload).

    Then Admin trying to open the Google AdSense Account Dasboard, it appears a notification on the bell containing instructions for identity verification to receive payments. To start verification can be accessed through the menu VERIFY NOW

    Then comes the new page window verify your identity, here there is a menu UPLOAD PHOTO ID, based on the information that is via email that the identity card that can be used to verify the user of Indonesia is the SIM card, resident card, and Passport. Here the Admin uses a SIM card with the reason the address on the SIM card is more precise.

    After uploading the identity card File make sure the account username is exactly the same as the one shown on the identity card as referred to by the Google AdSense Team, as this is very influential or whether the identity is Posted. Here the Screenshotnya display is small because the menu above is only accessible in the overall way to minimize the browser page view. If the display standard condition is 100% difficult to find the Upload button and the Account holder name settings and the Confirm button there is the bottom-most area.

    After all admins make sure in accordance with the provisions, the next step is to click CONFIRM INFORMATION .

    Then the notification screen will appear the verification is in progress and information that this process requires a few days. We will send the results by email if your identity is not able to be, send your document again, the limited number of .

    As mentioned above that the verification process takes a few days, and based on the posts often created by blogger friends in the average FB Blogger Indonesia group does take more than a day.

    Strange but real.... A few minutes later, the mobile Admin suddenly reads the sign there is a new message in, after the Admin check turns an email message from the Google AdSense Team informing you that your identity has been verified, please sign in to your Google AdSense account And set your primary payment method if you haven't already. Reading this email message feels very-very relieved and happy, although it's not time payday. At least the account is already legitimate and is recognized by the Google AdSense party officially.  

    The Google AdSense Account ownership verification process after revenue is deemed to have reached the minimum threshold of account identity verification, it is very easy to follow the instructions and procedures set by the Team. Google AdSense. Even based on the experience of the Admin is very fast only a few minutes, not as stated on the condition that verification takes up to days.

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