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  • To do a verification confirmation of your Adsense payment address just directly login your Google AdSense Account, then on the dashboard page will appear the previous warning your payment is currently suspended because you have not verified the address. Verify your billing address click the VERIFY button.

    Enter 6 digits from the PIN code that has been received and do not get a typo, make sure the digit number is completely the same then click SEND.

    Verify billing address succeeds with a green notification your billing address has been verified.

    Now we can enable the payment receipt setting on the Payment menu after previously verifying the payment address.


    Enter the account holder name according to your Bank account, select the Bank name and enter the account number without the punctuation-then click SAVE.

    Then appear window verify your Bank account, Klick OK

    On main Payment page click VERIFY

    Will pop up a dialogue to enter the nominal payment, please select CANCEL for a while because the nominal confirmation must be equal to the nominal transferred by Google AdSense as the payment account verification trial.

    Here because the previous Admin does not find the source of the reverence first and directly to the confirmation of the opportunity verification stay 1 time because the Admin has 2 times attempted wrong verification. So here if you will verify the payment account wait 1-3 days after confirming the account to receive the Payment Test fund verification Payment bank account.

    You can check the nominal transfer of Google AdSense via ATM or by printing a bank statement. Once confirmed the nominally confirm by inputting the amount of funds transferred to the deposit verification form from Google.

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