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  • Create blogger post content in order to not give a heavy burden on the blog page when accessed by users in various device devices used is one way or technique to make the blog become more SEO Friendly. This can be applied with a post writing method that is free of CSS code such as Style, Separator, Text Alignment Justify, and CSS codes result of post text writing settings that you can see in the HTML mode by previously creating Post on Compose mode either it is typed directly or via copy-paste the text from Microsoft Word file for example.

    Basically the more CSS code contained in the post content of a blog then the time it takes to load the post page as a whole will increase, such as posts created or typed using the HMTL method with Tag P will be loaded more quickly in a few seconds when compared to posts written in Compose mode that will automatically be a lot of CSS code in them and automatically load time post will increase to Tens of seconds even minutes.

    What if the previously created post is in compose mode and contains a lot of CSS code, as well as many, contain images tucked in the post as a reformer? Automatically values Load Speed and Yslow your blog when checked Through Gtmetrix, For example, would be very bad. Your blog will be indicated less SEO friendly in the eyes of Search engines that could lead to a decline in blog ranking on search results gradually. It is, of course, necessary to re-edit all published posts to correct them.

    Therefore we need to change the old habit of writing posts in compose mode resulting in a lot of CSS code from the results of the text settings, by getting used to creating posts using < br/> or < p > in mode Html. So that later all posts in the blog become fast loading when accessed by users in a wide range of devices either computer, laptop or Android mobile phone.

    To write a post in HTML mode is very easy, you just have to create a new entry in the Posts menu, then by default it will go to Compose Tab, switch to HMTL mode.

    Then write what you want to section through the content of the blog post, as shown in the following screenshot. To give the spacing between new paragraphs uses only one-time enter.

    After that please add 2 tags < br/>   on empty areas between paragraphs in order to later Nantar paragraphs will appear separately, one tag < br/>   function to separate between paragraphs and tags < br/>   Both function to give the distance between paragraphs.

    Add images to paragraphs that need supporting images to clarify the description of the intent and purpose of writing. After that change the resulting code of adding images using the following code,

      <div class="img-width-600 img-center">
      <amp-img src="---------------------"
          alt="an image"></amp-img>

    Code img-width-600 is image zoom size can be changed and adjust to the needs

    Code width = 1000 is an image length code you can adjust to the length of the original image or changed as needed

    Code height = 500 is a high code image can you adjust it to the height of the original image or changed according to needs

    Retrieve the image URL and place it on the image URL placement area. Then remove the add image code because it is already required again.

    Once the post is complete, fitting and ready to publish don't forget before publishing the content of the post Label and search description, don't forget to check the post URL if it's not appropriate to use the dedicated permanent link mode for the Add URL Manually. Use punctuation-to separate between words.

    Here's the Tutorial description how to write a Blogger post with Tag < br/> free from CSS code, this way is suitable for you non AMP template users and for you users of AMP templates are recommended using HTML write method of Tag P In order for article ads to appear automatically on the post area according to the number of article ad banners that have been set in the native HTML Template Edit code area of each. For the tutorial, please visit the following link: < a href = "https://www.in-wepo.com/2019/08/tutorial-cara-menulis-postingan-tanpa-kode-css.html" > TUTORIAL HOW TO WRITE a POST WITH THE TAG < p > FULL VALID AMP

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