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  • Having a Blog received as a Google AdSense advertising publisher is a dream and proud majority of bloggers. Why does the I say the majority? Because the average of most bloggers who exist today is either an old blogger or a new blogger who sprung up, they are vying to register their beloved blogs that have been painstakingly managed to be part of Google's advertising publishers Adsense. Yes... It's all because for now Google AdSense is the most promising alternative to publisher advertising and the highest of its pay. Whether it's a CPC ad until CPM ads.

    But not a few of them are confused what to do when Google AdSense speed acount they paroved or approved. As many are seen in the status of personal Facebook Acount and Google Sharing Groub. All of that is natural, because to display Google AdSense ads on a blog It takes knowledge of how to install ads and trick ad installs to increase revenue from AdSense.

    Here are 7 important points when the speed acount Google AdSense aproved or approved by marked the presence of friendly SMS from the Google AdSense team like the following:

    Once we receive a friendly SMS from Google AdSense like the picture above, the important things we have to do is to do the settings acount Blogger and Acount AdSense. What kind of setting or setting is it? Check out the following good explanation!

    First when your speed acount Google AdSense approved the first time to be applied is to install an auto ad according to Google recommendation. The trick is to login to your Google AdSense acount, then select the Ads menu then select the Sub menu auto ads.

    Now that you've logged in the Auto Ads Settings page, click Auto Ads then select and click Set up auto Ads.

    A new dialogue will appear containing auto ads HTML code, copy the HTML code of the auto ads that we will then install or place in the HTML code of the Google AdSense Team approved Blog theme.

    Login to Acount your Blogger, go to Theme menu then Klick Edit HTML

    There will be a line of HMTL Themplate code, paspress the code that has been copied before just below the code < HEAD > For more details see the following screenshot:

    Back to acount Google AdSense Klick AUTO ADS FOR AMP to enable Mobile Android AMP Veris ads. Enable the text and display ad formats by sliding the Start button to the right as in the following screenshots.

    Scrol down there will be a 2nd step   and the 3rd is to put the Android mobile ad code on top of the Page view blog and ads between blog posts. Copy Both of these HTML code one by one then place it as instructed.

    Put your Android mobile ad code below the code <head> / Above the previous automatic AD activation code, it can also be placed underneath.

    Place the AD code 3 below the code <body> To facilitate the search press the CTRL + F keys on the keyboard then the search filture will appear, type the code <body> Then press Enter. After the location of the code < BODY > found the 3rd code for the ad.

    Last step click Save Theme.

    both Set up Header ads, Widget ads to the right of the post and Footer ads. For more details, see the following screenshots

    To install it quite easily, you just need to log in to the Blogger acount, then go to the page layout Klick add gadgets.

    Then comes the Tambahka Gadget dialog Select AdSense

    In the ad type settings choose to taste, but it is recommended to choose responsive, because this type of ad can adjust the size automatically according to available space, select also the ad type of the text and image or text only. The last step save to Klick apply.

    Third   Install the InFeed AD. InFeed ads are ads that Google AdSense has provided in the form of text and image ads located in the area between the posts on the blog's home page. For more details, see the following screen shot:

    To put a InFeed ad you can visit the Tutorial that has I created earlier HOW TO INSTALL INFEED ADS TUTORIAL

    Fourth put an InArticle ad. InArticle ads are the types of ads that Google Adsense includes text and image ads that adjust automatically according to the content of the post. For more details, here's an example, unfortunately the Google Publsiher Toolbar is covered with protected overlays.

    To put an InArticle ad you can visit the tutorial link that already I created before TUTORIAL HOW TO POST ADS IN ARTICLE

    Fifth Post ads under comments, this aims to maximize revenue because it doesn't close the likelihood of a visitor when it will comment interested in clicking on an ad.

    To advertise above the comment area, look for the following code <h4 id='comment-post-message'><data:postCommentMsg/></h4> In the HTML code Themlate, go to the theme menu choose Edit Thema then use the keyword "comments" in the search field to make it easier to find it. For more details, see the following screenshots:

    Click on the AD unit code you've created in the AdSense Acount ad units menu with a banner size of 480 x 80 or select the responsive type right below the code <h4 id='comment-post-message'><data:postCommentMsg/></h4> After you finish save theme. If you are confused see TUTORIAL HOW TO ADVERTISE IN THE COMMENTS AREA.

    Placing ads in the bottom area of the post, this method is actually widely used by experienced professional bloggers to advertise Matched Content AdSense. But to get this type of advertising is not easy, it is a gift from Google AdSense for publishers with high-traffic blog visitors. So this method can also be an alternative for beginner bloggers to place banner ads     Google AdSense Whether it's text, image or ad type link .

    To put an ad at the end of the post you can visit the tutorial that previously had I publish TUTORIAL HOW TO ADVERTISE AT THE END OF A POST

    Seventh Install the Google Publisher Toolbar Add-On extension on the browser you are using to manage the blog. Google Publisher Toolbar is an extension that has been provided by Google AdSense for its publicity that serves to protect publishers from accidentally klick ads. By installing and activating the Google Publisher Toolbar extension You don't have to fear going through your own ads accidentally when you visit your own blog. To look like the following sreenshot:

    Installing the Google Publisher Toolbar extension on a mandatory browser is   for those of you who already have Google AdSense active acount. To make it easy enough you just have to visit Chrome Webstore then Acari extension Google Publisher Toolbar there.

    After Extaxi found Klick add to Chrome, automatically the extension will be downloaded and installed the extension when there is a ready download notification and installation command. Once installed click the Google Publisher Toolbar icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Then login acount Google AdSense and Google Analytics you on the menu provided extention.

    Thus 7 important points to be done acount and blog aproved Publishers Google AdSense Advertising. Hopefully this totorial useful for you guys beginner bloggers see you in the next tutorial.

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