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  • Many issues of rejection of AdSense registrations experienced by bloggers who are submitting an AdSense registration one of the valuable inventory is being created. The question what exactly is a valuable inventory being made? What is an example like? And how to solve it?

    Valuable inventory here is none other than the ad republication of advertising providers which is an alternative to Google AdSense and published ad types containing pop-up ads or floating ads that cover the blog page. So when visitors access the page one of the post content will be faced first with an advertising banner. While AdSense itself prohibits installing advertising types that interfere with the user's convenience or can also be a Link Menu navigation that error can not be accessed (404) or it does not contain the correct URL of many cases on the HTML Code template blog New navigation links are still a sign (#) so it needs to be replaced with a link to the destination page e.g. menu Disclaimer, About, Contact and Privacy Policy.

    This means that when you register your AdSense speed, it still cooperates and publishes ads from other advertiser providers other than Google AdSense. You need to know that Google AdSense cannot be indiscriminately paired with other advertisers, let alone the aforementioned PopPunder, SafeLink ads or floating Banner ads that mostly give a disturbing and annoying impression because of a hinder user when accessing the content. Until now there are only 2 types of ads that can be paired with Google AdSense namely MGID and OutBraind.

    Valuable inventory issues can also be caused by some additional feature on a Website or Blog with the filter making an uncomfortable impression for visitors, such as the addition of additional feature aimed at beautifying Look but on the other side of the feature is precisely disturbing visitors when you want to enjoy the contents of a content.

    For those of you who want to enroll as a Google AdSense advertising Publisher and have previously posted other ads other than Google AdSense, then the Admin recommends uninstalling all previously installed ads as Banner ads Is installed via the Add new Gadget HTML or ads with HTML code inserted in the Template HTML code like the PopCash ad code.

    Once you're sure that you've uninstalled all the ad attributes other than Google AdSense try to check back by accessing the blog page, then start to create a blog linking speed through your own AdSense account.

    Sometimes some cases also often occur where a blogger has never posted any ads before, but when submitting a link is rejected and there is a notification of the valuable inventory being created. There are also those who have previously posted ads other than Google AdSense and are confident and sure that they have been stripped of the linking blog, but there is still a detected valuable inventory that is being Was. There is also because it is not a direct knowledge to ask AdSense linking when the blog is still in the position of publishing other ads and strangely approved.

    It is also ever a self-experienced Admin where some Blog admins are still publishing ads other than Google AdSense in the presence of a floating banner type-approved without getting a rejection or warning correction of privacy policy violations, Here is sometimes what makes us confused?

    Based on the experience to overcome this if it has actually removed all types of ads that were previously installed or did not have previously installed ads but still detected valuable inventory is being created one way That I have ever practice and the most successful is by replacing the Blog Template and fixing the navigation menu with a valid URL

    By replacing the blog theme at that time was not until 1 x 24 hours My Blog was previously rejected with the reason the valuable inventory being made was finally approved. For those of you who may at the time of reading this post still have problems rejections of AdSense due to the dismissal inventory being created, then try to replace the blog Template with a good Template in view and speed Load, as well as the SEO meta feature embedded in the Template.

    From the description above it can be concluded that no approval of the linking of blogs through an AdSense account with the current alert inventory notification is the first ad or ad code other than Google AdSense that still Embedded in HTML code in docked Blog Template especially PopUnder, Safelink and floating Banner ads.

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