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  • Earning revenue from Klick AdSense ads is the desire of all bloggers who are indeed targeting managing a blog to earn additional income. There are many ways to increase ad revenues that have already been published by successful bloggers that can be applied. However, that doesn't necessarily correspond to reality, as the Admin itself has implemented various AdSense ad banner installation methods ranging from auto ads, InFeed ads, ads In Article and Matched Content ads. But new in this month get pretty satisfactory results and a sense of paying off the weary tired of managing a blog.

    AdSense AD earnings have started to increase since the Admin switched to the AMP version of the template and fixed all existing post content to AMP valid. Alhamdulillah If only nominal income only tens rupiah now has become thousand rupiahs. Here's a couple of revenue screenshots for Klick AdSense ads from a berbagitutorialonline blog:

    For the curious number of times getting a notification of a responsive opportunity AD type notification on the page of the Google AdSense Admin Dashboard try to open the ad Performance Information menu on the Google AdSense home page and want to ensure that the ads are actually getting a lot of klicks so the income revenue from Klick AdSense ads increases.

    Turned out to increase revenue klick AdSense AD 90% comes from Sticky ad Banner

    From the screenshot above can be concluded as well as proving that Sticky ads are the source of the largest and most major ad to be sourced from the banner of other types of ads that are also admin to apply. And it is evident that implementing Sticky   ads safe free from invalid traffic to ad Klick.

    How does the blogger friend feel interested after reading this post? and want to try to apply it?

    For tutorial How to install Sticky ad Banner you can see in the following link how Make AdSense ads Sticky show in desktop Browser and Create responsive Sticky ad Banner floating Ala Kompiajaib.

    Many ways of implementing AdSense advertising banners aiming to increase revenue Klick AdSense ads one that has proven is a banner Iklah sticky that is worth a blogger try.

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