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  • Includes CSS or HTML code in the content of the post in which the tutorial should use a special code so that the code will not be read as part of the template code so that it can be displayed separately to resemble plain text. If you are in a CSS or HTML code without using a special code and just directly paste the code in either Compose or HTML mode when the post content is published it is certain that the code will not appear as per With your wishes will even make your post content look cluttered.

    Here is a tutorial on how to insert CSS or HTML code in the content of a post, for example, I will here share the code source of affiliate advertising on a blog with an AMP template on one of the tutorial posts installing affiliate ADS. So that later visitors who want to apply can easily turn on the source code of the ad install it and I do not need to create a source download link such ad code in Notepad file

    Create a post, as usual, then in the paragraph area you want to add CSS or HTML source code put the following code:

      CODE HERE 

    Then set up the source code you will share, if you write the content of the post in HTML mode then the initial step is to parse the code in order to be directly pasted into the placement area of the code to be shared. You can use the online sites parse HTML and CSS code such as the parse Code feature on the website penaindigo.com.

    Paste the code in the Parse column area, then click Parse Script, and parse the result code as the following screenshot:

    Copy the code, then place it on the placement area of the code "CODE HERE " As for example in the following screenshot:

    The last step is to publish the content of the tutorial post you have created and see the result, the source code you share will appear as plain and separate text with other paragraph text.

    If you write a tutorial in compose mode then before placing the HTML or CSS installation code you must first switch to HTML writing mode and then place the source install code, after that return again to the write mode Compose. Copy the HTML or CSS code you'd like to share and paste it in the Code placement area "CODE HERE ". In this case, the source code you will share does not need to be parse because you write in Compose mode just paste the code in the placement area of the code that will be shared.

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