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  • Knowing and improving the load speed of the blog page is a very important thing. Where the speed of the site becomes a deciding factor many of the visitors a blog. Sites that are slow to load will lose visitors because the Google search engine automatically displays the it-a lightweight site in the first page of Google search in addition to the quality of content factors.

    To conduct a site speed test can be done through the following link: Test it. Enter the Link of the blog address, then continue testing with the arrow Klick beside the Link site input field

    Please wait a few minutes, checking process is ongoing

    Process check is completed with display result loading speed of Site page and percentage of approximate visitor loss according to site speed

    Klick Get My Free Report to get the Detal report of checking results via Email

    Enter an email address, then click Submit

    Automatically we will get the email message of checking report results in more detail, as the following screenshot

    So Tutorial how to do a speed Test page Blog site. hopefully, easy to understand and see you in the next Tutorial.

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