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  • SiteMap on Google Search Consule serves to facilitate Google Search in the input of content that is on a blog or in other words the SiteMap can be interpreted as a table of contents of a blog. So with the Sitemap on our blog Google search engine will install the table of contents of our blog which will then display it on the search results of Google search user.

    To create and apply the SiteMap, please log in to the Google Search Consule page (Google Webmaster Tools).  

    Then in the Dasboard menu select the Sitemap Sub-menu, we will be presented with the site map addition page. Please fill the site map form with the word "sitemap. xml " Without the quotation marks. Then Klick send

    And the result is like the image below there is a sitemap notification sent successfully in Create

    Until here we have managed to create a blog sitemap on Google Search consule, congratulations try and see you in the next tutorial.

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