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  • In this post I will discuss the tutorial how to easily alias easy to install Google Adsense ads in feeds on Blog. Then what is an In-Feed ad?

    an ad In AdSense Feed is an ad placed In the middle of the post or In the order of the blog's main page and the size of the ad can automatically adjust to the existing space. Google AdSense recommends ads in Feed is only installed in the main area of the blog page not in the article or other Wedget area. Because for ads within Google articles already have their own InArtice ads, and for Widget type ads It is also automatically provided or manually by creating an ad unit through the AdSense Widget.   Of course, the type of advertising that has been adjusted to the placement by the Google AdSense Team will further add a professional impression in the field of ad placement and can increase revenue quickly and precisely the target. The Website will look professional and neat with an ad layout that is structured or organized according to its placement target.   To advertise type In Feed It's easy enough to simply add some In-Feed ad Placement code in the HTML Source code area DOWNLOAD HERE  First of all please login to Blogger, then click on the Theme menu, then select Edit HTML

    Cari kode <data:defaultAdStart/>   <b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'> untuk memudahkan pencarian gunakan kobinasi tombol keyboard Ctrl + F maka akan muncul kolom pencarian

    Place code <data:defaultAdStart/> In the search field and press Enter

    Once the code is found as shown in the above screenshot, Replace the code with the following code

    The result is like the image below with the addition of index = ' x ' > at the tip of < br/>

    Then search the code <div class='post-outer'>

    After the code is found the following code paspress underneath

    On the line... The in-feed ad code here... Please replace with AdSense AD code In my buddy blogger If the number of posts in the Home blog page is more than 10 postings then it could be added into 3 ads In Feed. However, if the number of posts displayed on the home page under 10 I recommend 2 In-Feed ads is enough.

    To get the In-Feed AD Code please log in to Account AdSense, then click Add Unit Select ad then Klick Add New AD

    In Ad Units view select In Feed Ads by clicking the SELECT menu

    Appeared Nwe In-Feed Ad Dialog with command Enter blog URL link that will be posted In Feed, please buddy Bloger enter link address Blog then Klick Scan the Page

    Don't forget to select the In-Feed ad type in the menu next to the Blog input, I suggest two types of In-Feed Mobile and Dekstop ads to make it more maximal.

    Wait a while the scan process is in progress

    Finally Preview AD preparation In the Ready Feed

    Do the Setting sufficiently, starting from the ad name, title color danTeks, boarder and text link color then click SAVE AND GET CODE

    Paspress the code on the... The in-feed ad code here... As explained above, and see the results... Tara.. Now among the blog post pages are already ads In Feed.

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