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  • Having a Blog that has been accepted as a Google AdSense advertising publisher is happiness and pride of its own. However, with the accepted blog as part of the Google AdSense Publisher, there are privacy policy rules that we must approve and should not be violated. Among the privacy policy rules of Google AdSense that we can not break i.e. Klick ads on Blog itself intentionally or inadvertently, or tell someone else to click on an advertisement on our blog. If we do any of the violations as the I mentioned, then we should be ready to receive sanctions from the Google AdSense Team with the Suspen or the Bannednya account Google AdSense.

    Then on this occasion, I will also share a tutorial on how to install the Google Publisher Toolbar extension on the Android browser. Because not forever we always access our own blog via PC or Laptop browser. Sometimes we also want to access our blog that has Google AdSense ads already installed through the Android Browser. This is where the problem is when we want to just check the appearance of the blog post, we are faced with the risk of accidental advertising when visiting our own blog post and the opportunity to click Ad It is bigger on Android Browser than we use Windows browser.

    To prevent that, so we can safely visit our blog that has been published Google AdSense ads required installation and activation of extension Google Publsiher Toolbar on Android browser. From the test results that Is do there is only one browser that supports or can be installed Google Publisher Toolbar is not Google Chrome, Mozilla Browser or UC Browser commonly used by users Android. The browser is Yandex Browser with Protect, remember the Friends Yandex Browser With Protect meaning this Browser is equipped with a protection feature that we can add extension protector one of the Google Publisher Toolbar that Protects banner ads with a green layer of anti klick.

    If you want to install this Yandex With Protect Browser, you can get it through the Play Store in a very genetically but the I remind you to install the Browser with the label with Protect because the search results from Yandex Browser on the Play Store There is also a version of Yandex that does not feature Protector future.

    Now we have successfully installed Yandex Browser With Protect on Android through PlayStore. The next step is to add or install the Google Publisher Toolbar extension on the Browser Yandex Browser With Protect.

    To get the Google Publisher Toolbar extension We can get through the Crome Webstore Website. In the Home browser view type Google Webstore/Crome Webstore keywords.

    We're already on the Crome Webstore page, in the Search field browse store type Google Publisher Toolbar.

    Click Add to Crome to start the installation of the extension in the browser   < span style = "text-align: justify;" > Yandex Browser With Protect your Android.

    When you're done, the next step is to set up your Google Publishe Toolbar extension activation settings. On the Home page Broser Klick Three dots lined down beside Adress Bar will appear filture browser settings.

    Select Settings menu, to configure settings

    Select the Extensions catalog Menu, we will be taken to the settings page of extensions that are built into Yandex Browser With Protect broser

    Make sure that the Google Publisher Toolbar extension is turned ON as shown above, then click the three dots lined down at the bottom right corner of the

    Appears a row of settings for Yandex Browser browser With Protect, select extensions>

    Select Google Publisher Toolbar

    Enable the Google Publisher Toolbar by enabling Google AdSense and Google Analytics acount in the extension, Klick Enable to start the activation

    Enable Google AdSense Filture Login with your Google Adsense   Account

    Google AdSense is already successful, the next step of enabling Google Analytic

    Now that we have successfully activated both Google AdSense and Acount Google Analytics on extents Google Publisher Toolbar Yandex Browser With Protect

    To ensure that the protection of the Google Publishes Toolbar is completely active, run estimated earnings by accessing the Settings menu extension and then select Google Publisher Toolbar will appear Estimated Revenue screen

    Once confirmed the extension is really active with the emergence of estimated earnings, it is time to test whether the anti Klick ad protection protections have been successfully installed. Here is an example of filture protection anti-Klick Google Publisher Tools ads that are already active so that it is safe to access the blog page, look protected banner ad layer green color anti Klick

    Important Note; For those of you who have already implemented the installation of Google Publisher Toolbar on the browser Yandex With Protect, every time you want to access your blog page Make sure that the Google Publisher Toolbar extension is active first, because sometimes this extension does not Active by itself, to re-enable the extensions setting do ON OFF on the extensions settings.

    So Tutorial how to install Add-On Google Publisher Toolbar Android Browser, hopefully useful for those of you who need this tutorial and see you in a later tutorial.

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