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  • In the previous tutorial the Admin already discussed a tutorial on how to register a blog into a part of Infolink advertising publishers, as an example Admin using an in-Wepo blog with English language content. Within 2 business days, the blog in-Wepo stated approved via email message as following screenshots:

    For those of you who have signed up to be advertising publishers infolinks and blogs have been approved, the next step is to start earning by installing advertising banners infolinks on your blog.

    The first thing to do is to install the ads. txt file in your custom ads. TXT Search preferences on the blogger dashboard. Copy the ads code. TXT that has been provided infolinks then paste in the placement area of the text ads. txt Klick save changes to apply.

    For how to install infolinks Login using account Publisher Infolinks via the link provided in the approved email message or you can also directly access the official website Infolinks then Login using email and password You have previously created in the registration process.

    On the dashboard Infolinks Publisher Center Select Customize menu, will appear several types of banner ads such as Intext, Infold, Intag, Inframe, and in article. Each type of ad is already an illustration, please choose which one you are applying for.

    Infolinks AD Installation No need to copy the ad code then paste it into the HTML code on the Infolink HTML EDIT menu is different from other ad providers. You simply choose the type of advertisement to be installed then Klick Select the target website, checklist website Confirmation, select the color banner ad then Klick Save.

    Automatically banner advertising of your choice will be installed by itself through the code Banner ads Integrate Widget that was installed earlier in the registration process. Here's a screenshot of the early-stage ad display Infolinks:

    Display of Infolinks ads on the home page and article

    It is likely that these ads will later turn into advertisements from advertiser infolinks that feel an interest in putting their ads on websites that are considered promising. If the traffic of the Pengjung and the amount of advertising on your blog is high then there will likely be a lot of advertiser big companies that put up on the ads on your blog page via Infolinks

    Please note that infolinks ads do not support the amp templates, so if you are a user of the amp template it is ensured that your website page will not be valid amp with the widget's ad code integrated infolinks. As shown in the following screenshots that AMP does not permit any JavaScript code.

    Here is a picture of traffic Klick blog Infolinks In-Wepo within 5 days of income $0.00. For the calculation of ad revenue from Infolinks I myself did not understand whether CPC or CPM because of infolinks AD auction on day 5 I stop associated with invalid page issue   AMP.

    For friends bloggers who want to try advertising infolinks as an alternative AdSense can go through the tutorial How to list Infolinks AD Publishers.

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