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  • As the blog owner of the Google AdSense AD Publisher We need to be smart in setting the Google AdSense ad placement strategy. With the aim that the ads are appropriate and seem to attract the placement so it is expected to increase revenue.

    Then what is a Google AdSense Type Link ad?

    AdSense Ad Type link is a of ads that display the promotional links of advertising publisher sites, in one ad Widget can be featured between 1-6 AD link units. So can be deduced ad type link is more practical and efficient. It's different from Tepe Text ads and images that show only one type of ad from a particular company. In addition to these AdSense link ads according to the admin view itself more interesting content than the image and Text ads, because the ads automatically adjust the contents of the blog content. If our blog discusses about education then the link advertising will be dominant with the links of educational content offerings, of course it will impress more interesting in the eyes of blog visitors. Here is an example of an ad Google AdSense type link:

    To get Type Link ads is very easy, we just need to create a new ad unit, then choose the type or type of AD. For ad sizes It's recommended that responsive Link ads are able to automatically adjust to the available space in the ads widget. Although there are some types of banner form extends but it will be more precise if we choose a responsive one except on ad placements in certain areas of the widget such as the comments area that is more attractive when it is installed flat banner ads Small size.

    First of all please you first download SOURCE CODE SETTING AD HERE Then login to Acount Google AdSense, then on the page on the dashboard Select AD Menu then select Sub Menu ad units then click on New ad Unit

    Select the Type & DISPLAY TEXT ADS AD, on the New Ad Unit page fill in the name of the ad, then select the link ad type as shown below

    Select responsive ad Display and then click Get Code, Copy the Google AdSense Link AD Code which we will then press on in the ad placement area under the post.

    The next step according to the post title above, we'll be installing the Google AdSense Link ad right below or at the end of all blog posts automatically. How to login to Blogger, select Theme Menu then click Edit HTML. Search Code <data:post.body/> GEstablish search filture with key combination CTRL + F.   The code above there are more than one, the exact position usually exists in the 3rd or 4th search results

    Now that we've found the right positi for the placement of the link ad at the end of the post, click on the link AD code you've previously copied right under the code

    Next Search Code ]]></b:skin> Then paspress the following code right on it

      /*Jagoan Kode Iklan Matched Content*/
      .jagoan-kode h2 {
      font-size: 18px;
      margin: 0 0 5px;
      background: whitesmoke;
      padding: 5px;
      border: 1px solid #ddd;

    The last step of Save theme, then see the result after a few minutes as in the screenshot below, because if we immediately see the results are usually not direct ads appear take a while to process the appearance of the ads we have Create.

    So Tutorial how to install Google AdSense Type Link AD at end of post, hopefully in this way can increase AdSense revenue and see you in the next Tutorial.

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