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  • Facebook is the most widely used social media by the public, so for bloggers this is a good opportunity to research Facebook as a tool that is quite effective and powerful to promote the following blog content Postulated so that it can increase the traffic faster when compared to the acquisition of organic traffic results from the user search.

    Lately, many who complained Facebook often misidentify a post, especially posts containing Link URL links of the Website page. But many of the posts that contain a Link URL either a Facebook Status or a commentary that includes the Link URL is often considered SPAM, so it is removed automatically by the system.

    One of the factors that cause a blog or website URL to be blocked by Facebook is because you're sharing URLs in a short period of time. Repetitive activity and using the same sentence continuously will make Facebook detect the shared URL is garbage or spam.

    Surely for you Blog owners who previously used to promote your blog through social media Facebook, this is very detrimental. But you can not just blame the Facebook party. Because this is done to eradicate hoaxes, negative content and the growth of fictionalized accounts. For that, you need to adjust the blog promotion through Facebook with their policies.

    Here's how you can continue to promote your Blog through Facebook so that your shares aren't considered SPAM.

    Create a special Fans Page promotion for your Blog, sending Link URL links directly on the Fanspage page is not considered spam and is certainly very secure. Your Fans Page Follower can easily access the URL without any acceleration. For example, the following Admin Fanspage that admins always use to promote newly created and published blog posts for faster Google-index.

    If you also want to share or promote a blog post that you just made through Facebook status updates, the solution is to take a screenshot post content page that you have published through the previous Fans page. To be more interesting you can edit screenshots before sharing, such as giving Facebook stickers to make it look more attractive.

    Now you can still promote your blog through your Facebook page, either through status updates or commenting by providing screenshots of posts so that other commentators feel interested in visiting what you share. This way also your blog traffic revenue will increase as you only provide screenshots without including directly accessible URL links. Anyone who is interested in seeing your promotion on Facebook will do a search in Google Search using the keywords that are in the screenshot that you share.

    Note: This content is translated using a language translator tool, apologize if there a language that difficult to understand

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