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  • On this occasion I will discuss and share the Tutorial how to install or combine AdSense ads or other Publisher-type Banner ads in the comments area precisely above the comments column, for the placement view of the ads As below:

    By placing AdSense banner ads in the Comments field area, hopefully can increase earnings from Klick ads and of course the look of the Blog will be increasingly impressed professional.

    For the blogger Temen who want to try this method, can follow step by step ad insertion above the comment field below.

    First of all login to Blogger, then on the page dashboard blogger Select Theme Menu then select Edit HTML. In the Working field edit the HTML code locate and locate the code:

    <div class='pesan-komentar'><p><data:blogCommentMessage/></p></div>

    For easy searching please use Search filture by pressing the key combination CTRL + F, then copy and enter the above code in the Lookup input field and press Enter.

    Take a look at the ScreenShot above place the responsive banner ad code above the code I've included above, exactly between the two codes I've marked the rectangle column, then save it and see the result.

    So Tutorial how to put a Banner ad in the Comments field Area, hopefully easy to understand and apply see you in the next Tutorial.

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