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  • Changing the domain level of a blog   from a Geratisan (blogspot.com) to a paid   premium domain or better known as a TLD domain (Top Level Domain) is a necessity for a blogger who wants his beloved blog Perform more Perfect and impress professional.

    In the application of a custom domain TLD that was previously purchased, knowledge or special means of upgrading the domain is required in accordance with the procedure and not experiencing any constraints in its application. In general, the domain implementation setting process is almost the same as between one domain provider and another, but sometimes there are slight differences as the admins themselves are experiencing. Previously Admin bought a domain from Website RumahWeb.com then moved to buy a domain from Domainesia.com. Admins have also purchased a domain directly from Google domains. Of the three domain providers that the Admin has ever subscribed to, the easiest in the installation process is the domain from Google that does not need to do the DNS CNAME setting because it is not a third party, and the second is DomaiNesia.

    In the process of setting the CNAME Record, you need to be careful not to write down the code, or to copy the unique host code and the unique Record from Google that has been the admin's own experience. Because if this happens and you have already save the setting of the Singkrone domain on the website of the TLD domain provider and in the domain settings that unique third-party blogger code will not appear again a second time even if you remove and add Reset the third-party domain settings in the blogger settings except by using another TLD domain that is not the same as the problematic domain with the risk of having to purchase a new domain and relocate the domain.

    Can we get the unique code reset custom domain blogger? How can I get it back?

    When experiencing such a very panic Admin, admin already contacted the customer's domain TLD provider where the admin subscribed but only given the tutorial on how to install the domain as usual? can only check and determine if there is a domain access traffic? And does not provide a solution for how to regain the unique code of a custom domain blogger missing.

    After the Admin searched the tutorial to overcome it, finally Admin gets a single piece of a blog that addresses the problem of loss of a unique custom code of Blogspot domain. Admin is very grateful for being able to get the solution, from the many search results with the keyword How to overcome the unique code of the lost Google custom domain there is only one blog that discusses it and through this blog Admin inging sharing experience This bitter.

    How to get back the unique custom domain code blogger, you can get through other Google account associated with the blog and be used as an Admin so that the associated account can access the Blogger Settings menu and make custom settings Third-party TLD domain.

    To add a Google Account to be associated with a blog that loses a unique code please go to the Blogger settings menu then on the Carol basic sub-menu and select Add Author. Enter a new email to link to as a Blog Admin and then perform a recipient's invitation Convirmasi using another browser. After successfully confirming the acceptance of the invitation, return to the main browser then try to refresh or reload the page. If successful on the sub-menu basic Blog will appear Account which is added as an author. Then change the status of the author's account to Admin.

    We've successfully linked the new account as a blog Admin, next step back to access the blogger settings setting using the new account that's been associated as an Admin. Perform a third-party domain URL setup reset. Enter the domain address with the prefix www. urlblog. domain TLD as the example below and click Save.

    Result Congratulations Now you guys managed to regain the unique custom domain code on the blogger settings. Re-synchronize blogger with the domain provider. Once done you can delete the account that is used as an intermediary to get the unique code back or leave it as an Admin or author in the Blog author settings.

    So the Tutorial how to get back the unique code of a custom domain blogger that lost or not reappear due to the occurrence of a procedure error installing/implementing/Singkronization of the domain TLD between bloggers and third-party domain providers.

    We apologize if the explanation in this tutorial is confusing because there are words that lack fit or incorrect goals. The Admin is not a professional Blogger so as to lack understanding and understanding the languages used in the Blog management world.

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