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  • The objectives and benefits gained when we register a blog to Bing Webmaster Tools is to introduce the Blog following its content on search engines Yahoo Bing, because like us we know the browser search engine is not only Goole search engine But there are other search engines that are likely to be used by users such as Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, etc.

    By registering a blog to a search engine besides Google, it will give a great opportunity to blog or content of our blog is easy to find by users that will automatically increase visitor traffic.

    Besides Bing Webmastertools also features management blogs such as those owned by Google Webmaster Tools, including submitting articles, Chek SEO Blog, Traffic report blogs, Sitemap, and many others.

    Now we start the tutorial on how to register it, just open the browser then type in Bing Webmaster Tool in the browser URL or in the search field.

    Once the Bing-Webmaster Tools website was found, Klick Bing-Webmastger Tools

    The page appears on Bing Webmaster Tools, but we need to have Bing to access it, create a Bing account with clicking Microsoft

    Enter email address Blog buddy, then Klick Next
    See Poppup Convirmasi Registration Acount Direct Klick Yes

    On the dashboard page of Bing My Sites Enter the URL of the blog address

    Then comes the new page About My Website, enter the required information

    On the Submenu add sitemap Type the URL of blog buddy, then end URL add "sitemap. xml "

    After the form of the personal data and the blog is completed, and the approval, then choose the period the report can be daily, weekly or monthly where likes

    After being deemed mantab, Klick SAVE

    A new page appears that displays the HTML Code ownership verification of the blog, use the second method, please copy HTML code: < meta name =... And beyond...

    Buka tab baru browser, login ke Blogger kemudian pilih blog yang didaftarkan dan akan dipasang kode HTML Meta Bing Webmaster Tools.

    On the page dashboard blog Select Theme Menu then Clik Edit HTML, put the meta code that we have copied right below the code area < head > then Save theme

    After we put the meta code on the blog theme, go back to the Registration tab Bing Webmaster Tools and verify the verification by clicking VERIFY Please wait a few moments if the message is correct then it will look like the following image:

    Until here we have successfully registered a blog to Google webmaster tools if you feel the message can be tried by yourself Klick-klick menu that exists on the Bing Webmaster page. For other menu management will the admin discuss in the next post.

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