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  • AdsOke is a network of providers of PPC and CPM ads in Indonesia that are still in the same time. Actually, there are many bloggers network of advertising providers in Indonesia but most are scams and are closed in age. According To AdsOke Admin observation worth being used as an alternative because the iklan-iklannya quite varied. AdsOke seems to have cooperated with big companies in Indonesia. For the value or the pay is also decent buddy blogger. Admin have tried to test one time Klick worth 360 rupiah Bayangka only if in a day can be 50 klick just multiplied a month is quite really and maybe for another ad different the pay Bisaya bigger. Just compare with international advertisements such as PopAds, ProprlerAds, MGID et AL far away its value, they only pay 0.0 X $ perclick to collect a dollar just definitely need hundreds of klick.

    Create a friend blogger who've not impatient Pengen followup participate in the program Adsoke follow the steps below:

    Visit the website AdsOke.com

    On the Web page of AdsOke Klick PUBLISHER

    Then in the Login menu next to the right Klick REGISTER

    Fill the registration Form from User Name, Pasword and so on.

    If confused with English please change the language of the service by clicking on the language option in the top middle menu to English

    If all forms are filled in correctly, please verify instead of Rabot then Klick list

    The Screenshot above is the Dasboard Publisher page, to start getting the ad code Klick AD code then select CREATE.

    Ad Content Name code then select advertising Type PPC/CPC/CPM

    Select also the ad type whether the Banner or text or the combined Banner/text and Banner ad size then to start creating the ad code Klick CREATE AD CODE. Continue to create other ads like the above way or can also directly copy and paste the ad code and apply it on Witget Blog

    To add another site please select the SITE FILTERS menu then in the Site Name field enter the blog URL then klick add new. For ad code do not have to recreate enough copy paste the ad code that has been created for the previous website.

    To post ads Please login to Blogger, on Dasboard Blogger Select Layout Menu then add Gadget. Please friend select the Ad placement area

    Select HTML/JavaScript

    In the Gadget box HTML/JavaScrip Please press the ad code that was previously copied from AdsOke as shown below then Klick save. To place an ad on the Gadget layout area repeat the above steps.

    Now we see how the result, and the following images of AdsOke's sightings are pretty interesting and varied buddy bloggers

    Such information as well as tutorial lists as PPC ads Publisher and AdsOK CPM. See you in a later tutorial.

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