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  • The first impression when viewing an ad impression from a bidvertiser is that the admin feels comfortable and convenient because his ads vary greatly to suit the devices that access them. So between the display of ads on Android HP and Browser PC or Laptop it differs temen-temen. A little like the Google Adsense ad display however for Android HP in the ad domination installs the app and is almost as similar with the ad MGID as well as AdNow but there is the value of the ad bidvertiser ads do not smell pornographic. The ads are clean not smelling sex so it is suitable for all ages let alone the blog owner who religious is certainly the ad smelling sex with the look CWE-cwe sexy that invites orgasm is very anti to be installed on the blog beloved.

    Make it curious to see a glimpse of some of the display of Bidvertiser ads please enjoy the following screenshots:

    And this for the display version of the ad in HP Android

    For the registration process please go through the link IN HERE

    Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

    On the Home Bidvertiser page, click PUBLISHER

    Then Klick Monitize Your Traffic to start registration

    Fill the registration Form according to the required data on the input of each form field

    After finishing filling the data start from the name, email, and password get Activation code, the Code Verofolaso nature sent to the email that buddy blogger use in registration. Open the email then enter the code that has been sent in the Activation Code field, then and the entire agreement and approval then Klick Register Account.

    Next stage please go ahead and complete your own Ya buddy blogger, because the Admin already has the Bidvertiser acount, the Admin sure can follow the plot of data content as needed.

    After Buddy bloggers successfully sign up and get the publisher Bidvertser acount when to start an advertisement post. Note the image below because the position of the Admin blog is already registered and have installed and verified the advertisement in the blog will look like the picture below and in the right corner is written Verified. For Buddy bloggers who have just completed the registration then the status of the domain will be written Unverified (requires verification) and next to the menu Banner/Pop Widget Generator will appear red color verification menu which means Blog has not published ads and unverified.

    To start installing and verifying ad installs please click Banner/Pop Widget Genegarator for Banner ad types or Native Ads Widget Generator for Native ads (notification ads such as your HP exposed to viruses as you do cleaning)

    You will see the Ad Type Settings dialog and ad Banner size please customize it according to each desired

    When finished specifying the ad type and Banner size Klick Update and Get Code. Ad Code successfully created and ready to install on a beloved blog.

    Login to Blogger, on the page dashboard blog then add/Add gadgets Widget

    In the Add Gadgets dialog Select HTML/JavaScript

    Paspress the copied ad code in the Gadget content column, for the title to be cleared only

    Last Step Klick Save

    Back to the Bidvertiser Publisher page, click Verify, it will pop up a dialogue to enter the CHAPCA code, enter the codes then click Verikfication. If an ad code error is not found, please try to run the ad code in the HTML code of the Theme Blog and then save it, re-verify it. If successful, please remove the phishing AD code that was previously installed in the widget's HTML Theme code and keep it installed.

    To add another website please go to Adzone Menu select Sub Menu Add New Zone. Note the image below in the Web menu your monetization there are 2 options. The first choice of Add New Web/One under an exiting domain is the option to add a new Banner Widget Unit with a selection of websites already registered. While the second menu Add New Web/One Under a New Domain is the option to add a new Domain.

    Note the image below below main domain of rides and sharing and letter gallery There are sub ads which means that if we create a new Banner ad Unit then automatically the ad unit with the new title will be under the banner ad unit The primary domain.

    This is a view of Add New Zone for new Banner ad Unit additions

    While this is the view Add new Zone for new Blog Domain additions

    There is a choice of Blog category please choose according to your nice blog, then next to the right choose Sub Category Nice blog.

    So Tutorial how to list the program Publisher advertising Bidvertiser, hopefully this tutorial is easy to understand and see you in the next tutorial.

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