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  • In the previous tutorial we've covered how to register a blog to Bing Webmaster Tools. Now to be more let's learn how to submit a blog post to Bing Webmaster Tools.

    First step open the browser tab then login to Bing Webmaster Tools, then click the Blog property to Submit Post

    Now that we are already on the page Submit URLs visible in a day we are only given 10 times submit the posts, unlike Google Webmaster Tools we can submit the post URL as much as possible in the layout of the difference submit URLs Bing Webmasters are limited to only 10 URLs per day and the Post's the input can be live as a whole.

    Next step opens a new browser tab, then open the Blog buddy, Klick right on the title of the post to be submitted and select Copy Link Address

    Go back to the Bing URLs page, put the link of the post that was copied on the field Enter URLs One per line

    Next step Klick Submit, then automatically link the URL that we submit will go to the column of the link of the URL that is being requested to be entered.

    Until here we have managed to submit the URL of the blog post, do a submit like the steps above every time a blogger friend created a new post on a beloved blog.

    The end of the word thank you've been listening, hopefully, easy to understand and meet in the next tutorial.

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