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  • Google Analytics is one of the filtures given by Google within the scope of Blogspot management. The function of Google Analystics as it corresponds to its name is to monitor the performance of a blog, including providing information to the blog owner about user With the Google Analytics blog owner can know the number of visitor blogs both daily, weekly and monthly, as well as can know the keyword keywords that visitors use most.

    Now we'll start registering and installing Google Analytics code, the first step to visit the Google Analytics site for easy typing the word "Google Analytics on the Browser Search tab form.

    Click Google Analystics on Google search results

    We will be taken on the registration page, Klick List of on the right menu

    Now comes the registration form, fill in the account name, Blog name Buddy, Blog URL, choose a category blogs eg education or blog download

    After we fill all the registration form Klick Next or OK

    We go to the Data Sharing settings menu, and all Klick get the tracking ID

    Appeared for new Sembulan service agreement, scribble second agreement then Clik I agree

    Until here we have successfully registered to Google Analytics, in the form Sembulan Klick No, thank you because we can directly install the Google Analystic application via Playstore on HP Android

    HTML ID Tracking code appears, please copy all the codes that we will then install in the HTML code Theme Blog.

    After we Copy the HTML code of the Google analystics ID, open the new tab then login to Blogger, on the page dasboard Blog select Theme menu agnideśa klick Edit HTML

    Put the HTML code we copied earlier under the code area <head> Then click Save Theme , until here we have successfully registered and installed Google Analystics code on the blog.

    Our next step is to complete some   Data Acount information and other Filture activation by clicking Property Settings

    Enable all filture provided, for more details please note the following figure:

    After we activate, then click on Save , will arise notification "succeeded "

    For Filture   Merging Google Analytics and Google Adsense at this time can not be Admin do because the condition of the blog is still new and has not registered Google Adsense. Later we will discuss in the next post.

    In the picture above the header section looks a new Filture offer is Google Signal Beta, it's not wrong to enable all those filture by clicking on start

    We will be taken in a new tab with the look as shown below, to enable it   Klick continue

    Then display the activation Confirm page, Klick enable

    Now we have successfully activated Google Signals BETA version

    Then in the menu Admin Select Sub Menu Data collection, then activate Google Signal Beta then save

    Up to here Tutorial registering and installing the Google Analytics code Blog, hopefully easy to understand and meet in the next Tutorial.

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